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Kansas City LDS Temple

     I was raised in a strong Christian Home in Eastern Kentucky.  My parents, sisters and I attended church faithfully and served many positions in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both my parents were heavily involved, serving in high-up various leadership positions in the church. My father also became known as a great "preacher" of the gospel throughout the land and had no problem sharing "The Word" in various churches throughout the state.
     We believe, read & teach from the King James Version of the Bible, and we also believe, read & teach from the Book of Mormon - another testament of Jesus Christ. 
     At the age of 19, during my 3rd semester of college, I felt something was missing in my life. Although I knew what to study, pursue as a career - I felt somewhat empty. As I studied the scriptures, prayerfully asking for guidance, my testimony of Jesus Christ strengthened to a level where I could not deny the power of His plan.  I decided for myself to serve a full-time mission. Once I returned, (2 years later) I continued my college & career pursuit, but with a solid gospel foundation. 
     Many years later, that foundation is not only solid, but stronger than ever. I continue to serve the Lord & saints in various positions - and every Wednesday Night - I volunteer my services in the Kansas City LDS Temple.  I can testify that there is no greater place on Earth to feel God's presence.  The Lord's work and spirit are alive and well in all His temples.
     We believe families are forever- and that when a man & woman marry in an LDS temple, under the proper authority, they are sealed for time and all eternity.  Marriage & families don't end after this Earthly life.  My wife Michelle and I were married in the Omaha LDS temple. It was one beautiful, spiritual experience. One I will never forget.
     I've witnessed miracles with my own eyes, consistently receive answers to questions and have felt the Lord's presence in many situations.  I'm a firm believer that if someone chooses to live the straight and narrow path of God - and does so every day, then true happiness is experienced and daily blessings are poured upon our lives.
     I know the scriptures are the word of God. The Book of Mormon is also a true word of God, testifying of the Lord's plan.  I know with every fiber of my body the restored Gospel is here on the Earth.  I can not deny what has been shown me - if I did - I would be denying God.
     If you'd  like to read more about the LDS beliefs...please check this site. Church of Jesus Christ   
Thank you for letting me share some of my personal thoughts with you.  If you worship the Savior, attend a Christian church, and share the Lord's example with others, then THANK YOU!  Today's world is a mess, and we need more faithful servants to stand as witnesses and preach His word. Someday, the Lord will return in His Glory - judgement will prevail, Satan will be bound - and those on the right side of God will live eternally. God bless you all!    Love - your brother - Pete 3
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