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Music Recordings During College Years

     Music has always been a huge part of my life, and in my college years, I had the privilege of writing, producing and recording 3 Christian Albums.  These albums did fairly well on the market, however, as I began my TV career, my music was slowly pushed to the side and the albums faded from the shelves.

     I have now digitally restored the albums and offer them to you for FREE!

         Please feel free to click on the albums, read about the songs, listen and download for FREE!

    Todd Gray, who became my best friend going into my college years,  also came from a musical family. Todd (picture center) is an amazing pianist who performed with his parents Kay & Jim Gray (Right), & his Uncle Ted Allen & Aunt Fayla Allen (left) at various churches, revivals, etc.  In 1987 "Deliverance" recorded a studio album of some of their all-time favorite gospel songs. Take time and enjoy the great gospel music & harmonies of "Deliverance" with the album below. Feel Free to download album or selected songs.

     My sister Geri Grigsby seemed to have been born with a guitar in hand.  My earliest childhood memories always include her sitting, playing guitar, or piano, and singing.  Regarding guitar, she is self taught.  With a small home recording studio, it was time to just let her sing some of her favorites while playing her guitar or a piano.  Take time and enjoy these tracks.

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